Wednesday, March 3, 2010

As Seen In: Somerset Digital Studio

Gypsy Chick is published in the 2010 Spring Edition of the Somerset 'Digital Studio' Magazine!

Digital Studio is a gorgeous magazine featuring 150+ inspirational digital layouts. You can find my layout (pictured below) on page 100 of the magazine. You can purchase the magazine from any Barnes and Noble store, or directly from here.

Like the layout? You can purchase it as a 'Quick Page' from my Gypsy Chick store at here.
Other brushes used in this layout can be found in my store here, here, and here. Thanks to TKWhimsy for use of the 'TKDoodle Font' which you can find at

© 2010 Gypsy Chick

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  1. I found you through Scrapblog. I love your designs and purchased some bits tonight. I am sort of teaching myself all of this and my current 'project' is a book of fairytale "illustrations" of all my favorite fairy tales. You are very talented and I will keep looking out for new designs! I have an old, old google blog but blog at Wordpress ... I sort of just write of post what comes to mind and love to share my collection of fashion plates... all the best...


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