Monday, October 4, 2010

Designing With Vintage Scraps!

Vintage scraps are a great way to add instant nostalgia to all your digital designs! Most of the older designs are now in the public domain, so there are no worries about copyright.

Dover has some great clipart books with CD that feature lots of royalty-free die-cut scraps, but you can also find these lovely little bits of ephemera on places like and

A lot of the scraps can be quite small, (1-3 inches) but if you scan them at a high resolution, you can usually bring them up to a size that will work perfectly for your designs.

Here's one I restored to perfection for you ... feel free to use it any of your personal or commercial designs, just give me a credit if you can either on your blog or in your terms of use file.

How to download: Click the image to get to the larger image, then click the image again to get the largest size. Right click, then save to your computer. This is a JPG file with a white background. To make a transparent PNG file, simply choose your magic wand tool in Photoshop with a tolerance of 1, Select white area, select inverse, then select modify and feather it by 1. Copy and paste into a transparent document, and there you have it.


  1. Hi Jodie,

    Just wondering where you're selling your scrapbook designs now that ScrapArtist has closed.

    I checked out your Etsy store, but didn't see products that were formerly at SA.

  2. Thanks Jodie! I was trying to locate you since Scrap Artist closed. Do you have a store?

  3. Hi Lisa! closed last month unfortunately. I am in the process of setting up a new digital home ... TBA soon!

  4. Hi KD! New store TBA soon. I will have some of my former products in the store, as well as some new releases!

  5. You are so generous Jodie! I am loving everything in your sweet blog : )


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