Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ooh La La! ... Postcards from France!!

It's the small things in life I sometimes get so intensely excited about ... and lately one of those things is going to the mail box each day to collect my little Etsy goodies :) 

Look what arrived today for me ... Check this out!! This is sooo cute, and sweet, I just had to share this with you. I can't believe the attention to detail in the packaging of this letter which came all the way from France.

Mademoiselle Janet (a wonderful Etsy seller) crafted an envelope from vintage wallpaper, then wrapped my vintage postcard in an inner envelope that she created from an antique French fashion magazine!!! A hand-stamped muslin ribbon with an artsy flower and heart embellishment top it off.

The next envelope was folded up in a semi-transparent tracing paper, stamped 'Merci', and sealed with a shabby chic style handmade sticker featuring a sweet antique mother and daughter portrait.

I was so impressed that she took the time to package my purchase so creatively! I think I want to buy something again from here just to see how she packages my next purchase! 

Now, I'm dying to show you the actual postcard that arrived as well ... it was equally gorgeous ... but alas, you will have to wait till January 2012 when it will be released as part of a paper in a scrapbook collection I'm working on. I promise you will love it, it's turning out simply gorgeous!

But I do want to celebrate the art of gift giving in style by offering you another of my favourite French postcards here ... click on the last image below to get to the bigger image, then right click and save. Enjoy! 

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