Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My First Book Published! :)

Create Your Own Printable Scrapbook Papers: 135 Vintage Designs For Use With Photoshop Elements
A new Dover Publication by Jodie Lee Patterson - 

Create an endless supply of uniquely designed scrapbook papers for use in digital scrapbooking, paper scrapbooking, card making, and other crafts. This easy-to-use and versatile book/CD contains 135 beautifully crafted royalty-free vintage patterns that were designed from a stunny array of antique motifs and images! 

This collection is a wonderful resource not only for scrapbookers and crafters, but also for graphic designers who will find these designs suitable for a wide range of applications. Step-by-step instructions are included in the book on how to add your own color and texture to the paper patterns in Photoshop Elements to create myriad combinations of designs that you can print out at home!

Also included are 40 colored, ready-to-print A4 sized files.  Instructions are given for use with Photoshop Elements, but any graphics editing program that will accept JPG and PNG files may be used. All pattern designs are provided as either high resolution JPG and PNG files in both 12x12 inch and A4 sizes. Please note: Photoshop elements is not included. 

Whether you're a beginner scrapbooker, or an experience graphic designer, I know you will find this book a wonderful, inexpensive design resource to fuel your creative spirit!

Available for pre-order now on Amazon (ships January 19, 2012).

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