Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New CT at Jodie Lee: Meet Paul Browning ... and a chance to win!

Welcome Paul Browning to the Jodie Lee CT! :)

I'd like to introduce you to a very talented new friend of mine, Paul Browning from the UK - the first member of my new Creative Team. I haven't had a CT for a while, and so I thought it was time to invite some very special talents along for the ride, so we can hang out and create cool stuff together.
Paul is an awesome paper crafter and blogger from the UK that I discovered a little while back and I'm hugely excited we get to create some gorgeously shabby stuff together and get to know each other along the way - welcome Paul!! 

You can check out Paul and his crafting adventures at his blog here: http://theartsiders.blogspot.com/.

I'm sure you'll agree Paul has some really inspiring designs, and I love the way he walks his readers through some really unique paper crafting techniques!  I learn so much from this guy, and I know you will too...  Eat your heart out Tim Holtz! :)

One of the things I love about Paul's approach to crafting is he's adventurous enough to dive headlong into the digital and hybrid side of crafting as well.  He will download designs from my Jessica Sprague store,  print them out,  and then incorporate these papers into his creations. I think that's just awesome, and  I love how versatile and talented he is in his craft. No lazy crafter here! If Paul doesn't know how to do something, he will figure it out himself, then be gracious enough to share his secrets with us. Thank you Paul!

Here are some of Paul's wonderfully shabby creations below. Please be sure to leave some love for Paul here by commenting, and letting him know what an awesomely talented guy he is!  

I will send a 'Fairy Belle' 6x6 Paper Pack to the best comment below :)  Not because I want to bribe you :) ... but because I want to know what YOU think about Paul and his crafty talents :) Thank you everyone, xoxo.


  1. I think you've made an excellent decision! I've been a follower of Paul's for several months. He's not scared to try new techniques and just put himself out there. I love his style.

  2. OH WOW. His style is unique and blew me away. My favorite is the third card listed..wow...I keep looking at it! Great job Paul!

  3. Truly amazing designs by Paul, he is truly talented and has a great eye for design, so happy to hear he is on your team!!! Congrats Paul!

    Hugs! Frank

  4. Aww shucks! thanks for the lovely post Jodie. It's me that's honoured to be on a craft team for such a superb designer. It's easy to create beautiful crafts with such stunning vintage collections as yours. Pxx

  5. Okay. I'm jealous of Paul! I don't know how I can look at my stash the same way again! I dare not let it see what Paul has done, for fear it may up and leave me! I want to design like Paul when I grow up!

  6. Wow! Paul, your work is amazing! I'm bookmarking your blog for inspiration!
    Jodie, I love your stuff!

  7. Congratulations Paul. You are an inspiring Designer and your work speaks to every paper crafter. I hope my own creations look half as good as yours do when they grow up.

  8. Beautiful work! I am his newest follower. I found some Butterfly Garden paper at Hobby Lobby today! I can't wait to create a LO with it. LOVE your designs. They speak to my shabby little heart. :)

  9. You've picked a winner there, I know Paul and he is generous with his time/imagination/ideas. Apart from that he is one crazy dude. I'm also a blog follower..... congrats to you both. xxx

  10. Paul is amazing! He's Tim Holtz in my shabby vintage style - perfect combo!


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