Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Love to scrap too!

Sometimes people ask me if I actually do scrapbooking myself, since I design scrapbooking and paper crafting products. They want to know if I'm a 'legit' scrapper I guess :) That's a fair question. Why design products if you don't use them yourself, or don't even know how to?

Well, spending 8-16 hours a day designing on the computer doesn't leave me a lot of time left over ...  but every now and then I cant resist getting a little inky ... that's why I decided to hang out at Prima headquarters last weekend with some friends and join in on the Anna Debrowska mixed media class. It was pretty cool, I must say. Her style is fairly unique, her techniques are quite simple, and she brings something different to the art journalling scene.

This is Anna's work, using on of my Nature Garden Collection papers - really gorgeous huh?

Here's the journal cover I made in her class (below). I did okayyyyy... I think. 

And here are some friends that were also at Anna's class that day.
This is Pom, Owner/Manager of Prima Marketing, and Frank Garcia, online editor of Magazine, creative extraordinaire and (lucky me) ... Jodie Lee Creative Team member! Thank for letting me steal the photo Frank| :)

Here's Anna, showing us how ...
©2012, Frank Garcia.
Here's how Frank's album turned out (he's such a pro :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So ... after I went home that day and told Giorgia (my 10 year old daughter) about  Anna's class, she got really excited and wanted to try making one of her own journals using the same techniques. Here is her creation - amazing huh?

And here are some of the journal pages that she worked on today as well. She did these all by herself. Keep in mind she is only 10. I think these are just amazing. Kids are so creative!

We have used a lot of washi (paper tape) on these pages. This stuff is amazing ... we just love it.

Here is another one of Giorgia's pages under construction. She was experimenting with some techniques of her own.  Love the little paper cut butterflies and their watercolor 'shadow' underneath!

How sweet is this? This is a little pocket she made from a manilla shipping tag. Inside she put one of the wooden envelope embellishments from Prima - so cute!

Ok, so I made some journal pages to go inside the album too. Check them out here:

Actually this one I'm going to hang on the wall, I like it so much (after I get it glued and stitched down!).

Another page, featuring my boyfriend :) Isn't he cute?

And another sweet little tag made out of a hand-dyed shipping tag and washi.

As you can see, we fell in love with paper tape/washi tape, and used that a lot throughout our pages.  It is adhesive (reposition able), and you can paint over it, ink it - it's really fun stuff. I have a few rolls left for purchase in my Etsy Store HERE. The 7Gypsies brand is awesome ... but we may be making some more for Prima down the track too, so watch out for it! 


  1. Hi Jodie ! I just discovered your blog in blogland and I'm in love with your work ! And the creations of your daughter are so amazing ... she's talented like her mom !!! Congratulations !

  2. Beautiful albums Jodie, love the pages you've made to go inside. Wonderful to see all the different looks and styles that can be put together with your designs. And lucky you meeting Frank & spending a day crafting! I'm not jealous, honest, really, truly I'm not :( lol. Pxx

  3. I've been wanting to try mixed media, so hard for me, as I don't like to get my hands The class looks awesome and I love how your cover turned out. Kids are never afraid to try anything~her journal is great.
    Hugz, Z

  4. Thank you everyone. Well Zandra, it certainly does get messy. That's half the fun of it ... but the other half is having someone else clean it up. So that's why workshops are fun, right? :)

  5. Looks like you took what you learned and made it your own- just beautiful!!


  6. Beautiful journal Jodie, and you are a fantastic scrapper, love how your daughter's journal cover came out too she is really good, love her creativity! That class was so much fun!!!

    Hugs! Frank

  7. Hi Jodi! It was a pleasure to meet you at Prima:) Oh my, your daughter is quite talented...10 you say?? Gorgeous journal pages...cheers, Miae


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