Tuesday, December 25, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - Day 12

Free Nature Garden Papers Set
by Prima/Jodie Lee

Merry Christmas!
Today I'm giving away a full set of my Nature Garden Papers (12"x12"), awarded to the best comment below.  The winner will be announced December 27 here on my blog, and will receive these scrapbooking papers in the mail after Christmas. 

Hope you win!
You can see the Nature Garden Paper Set and more of my paper scrapbooking products in my JODIE LEE ETSY store.


  1. Oh this is beautiful paper too - can't have too much of your paper. I used some to wrap some gifts this year and nobody wanted to rip the paper. :) Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.

  2. Hi Jodie

    Happy Christmas first of all - as I write this, I am now on Boxing day so if you are still in CA, it will be Christmas day for you - so hope you had a great time - with no charades I hope (as in the miming game that is synonymous with Christmas day in the UK at least (but not in my house)))!

    I love the enchanting patterns and designs in this collection and of course you can clearly see the overlay of the brushes that match the ones in your JS store - bringing both this and the Fairy Belle collection very much together - I can see it easily marrying up.

    I want to do a project for my neice who is a dancer and wants to go to college. She is only just 16 and has been going to drama and dance since she was really young - she wants to continue to be a dancer as her career. I want to make her a little canvas type project and then a special little box so she may keep some memorabilia from the places she's been with her dancing school. This year, they put a show on at Disneyland Paris - she looked adorable in her ballet outfit - both collections have started to remind me of what she does - I meant to say this on the Fairy Belle collection - but realise it is relevant to tell you here too - as the images would lend themselves also to any project I did for her. As my gifts have had to be handmade this Christmas due to me having to finish work with ill health at the end of 2010, budgets have been tight - further aggrevated by me not being great over the past few weeks - if I was to win these and/or the Fairy Belle collection, they would be perfectly timed for doing this and a few more projects for all those people I have had to let down today and only been able to give a promise of something to come. I'm not after sympathy, I just wanted to outline my additional reasons for wanting it - as if me just having fallen in love with it isn't enough - oh and just generally talking waaaay too much!!!

    Anyway - Happy Christmas again to you and yours - and anyone reading this,

    Paula x x x

  3. These papers are gorgeous! Merry Christmas. Thank you for a chance to win.

  4. These are really beautiful Jodie!!
    Love the vintage looks :)
    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and all the best wishes for 2013.

  5. Beautiful ! Thanks for a chance and Merry Christmas !

  6. This is MY personal favorite line. I've used the one in the upper left corner for numerous projects. The colors in this line just work in most any project I do.

  7. Hi Jodie,

    Thanks so much for offering us a chance to win one of your beautiful paper lines. I've been slowly collecting this paper. Whenever someone gives me money for my birthday, etc., I always turn to your line to purchase something. When I have enough I'll make a scrapbook for my daughter. I just have to learn to stop using the paper for other things, such as cards, etc. LOL

    Your designs appeal to my eye in everyway. They're whimsical, peaceful, and can basically be used for any project whether making a card or scrapbooking. Better yet, I always feel good when I give someone a card that I've made with your designs.

    In fact, this afternoon I'm going to use it to work on some Prima templates I've come across. Feeling inspired and can't wait!

    Anyway, thanks again for the opportunity to win.

  8. MerryChristmas to you and your family!!!

    lovin this paper line -yummy!!! Would love to play with your gorgeous papers.

  9. Jodie, I'm not going to even TRY and compete with some of these gals, Lol!! But you know of my love for your designs, you're a true innovator! The Nature Garden collection is definitely one that I've purchased several times over and I never tire of using them- thanks so much for the chance :).

    Hope you had a Very Merry Christmas~!!


  10. I love the papers! Thank you for the chance to win them.


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