Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas! ... it's snow much fun here!

Happy Christmas friends! I hope you are certainly having a special time with family and friends as you enjoy all the good things that the season brings ... and if you live anywhere on the east coast of the USA, that probably includes snow ... and a LOT of it!

It's SO different to experience a white Christmas, because where I'm from (Sydney, Australia) we would normally be surfing or sunbaking at this time of year ... but instead ... here we are SNOWED IN (literally) on Boxing Day, and loving it!

Jodie & my daugher Georgia (9), boxing day 2010.
It's given us lots of time to be creative (I've been working on my new Dover Book, due for release Spring 2011), and to enjoy some fun times together at home ... Check out the Gingerbread House we made with a fabulous kit from my favorite gourmet grocery, Trader Joe's. It took just a couple of minutes to put together, but a couple of days to completely devour :). Isn't it adorable?!  Yes, that's the old witch in the corner. We ate her first so she wouldn't eat the children before we got to :)

{worn photo overlay courtesy Vera Lim}
Trader Joe's GingerBread House Kit Authentic German "Hexen Haus" with Candy & Cookie Decorations.
And of course, we've had our favorite music playing in the background every day this week - the latest Christmas CD from Starbucks.  LOVE this album! Seriously RETRO, but funky ...  even caught myself doing an Elvis Presley impression to 'Blue Christmas' - much to the embarrassment of my hubby and kids :).

The real HIGHLIGHT of Christmas for me though, was putting my kids to bed after reading the Christmas story to them from 'The Jesus Storybook Bible'. It is a beautifully illustrated book that tells the inspirational story beneath all the stories in the Bible. Before going to sleep Luca (6) said to me 'Mummy, I know why we give gifts to each other at Christmas.  It's because God gave us the best gift of all when he gave us Jesus'. Thank you Luca, for that precious reminder of what CHRISTmas means to us.

Happy Christmas, happy Holidays, and Season's Greetings to you all! Check the blog for a new FREEBIE arriving tomorrow! :)


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